Video Production Equipment

By October 23, 2014No Comments

video-equipmentDecades ago, video production equipment was heavy, bulky, and expensive. Today, it’s light(er), compact(ish), and, well…still expensive. But, our industry has seen lots of changes in recent years, and some cool, new equipment has made corporate videos much more cinematic.

In the past, only film studios had rooms full of video equipment. Now, corporatevideo production companies in Orange County, like ourselves, boast large equipment inventories. Below are just some of the types of video equipment you need to produce quality corporate video.


At the very least, you need a sound mixer, boom, and back-up lavaliermicrophone to record pristine sounds. Bad sound and bad lighting are deal breakers for audiences, so you absolutely must get these right on set.


A camera slider allows the camera to slide down a track. This makes it look like a dolly move. Sliders can be short (2’) or long (10’). They give shots cinematic feels.


It seems to us a new camera comes out just about every other day. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but new cameras are being released very frequently. We shoot on the latest and greatest HD cameras, it’s essential to creating a high quality video.


You have your old-school film light, which are still important and useful, and now, you also have new LED lights. We use a mixture of these types of lights to light of scenes.


The director needs to view the what’s being shot on a large monitor so he can judge the performance as it’s happening. We set-up a video village, which consists of a set of monitors so members of the crew can see the camera operator is seeing.

Those offering video services in Orange County and beyond need to have state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce effective content.