Lights, Camera, Selection! The Guide to Casting Great Actors

By February 24, 2018No Comments

Ever watched a film recommended by a friend, only to turn it off? “What did they like about that?” you wonder.  From the acting to the directing, it was all bad, but most of all, the acting.

Not only did it fail to complement the plot, it made everything confusing, over-the-top, and simply awkward.

And what if the plot is interesting but you can’t stand the main lead? We’ve all had thoughts about watching an upcoming movie come out, only to cancel once we find out the actor or actress we can’t stand is playing the main lead.

But there’s always a good actor we look forward to seeing on the big screen. Whether it’s a comedian or someone who does a mean job playing a villain; there’s always that one actor who makes us think, “I don’t care about the plot! I’m just seeing it because this actor/actress is in it!”

Selecting the Right Cast

We’ve been talking about feature film, but trust us, in business and brand videos, casting the right actor is just as important.

Shooting your own commercial can be difficult. From writing the script to planning out the direction you want it to take, it can be a long, tedious process.

But when you’re recruiting actors, it’s important not to hire just about anyone in order to cut down the costs. Here are a few casting nightmares to avoid:

Casting Yourself

If the video has a narrative and someone actually has to act, hesitate before thinking you could do it. That is, unless you’re a  professional actor. If not, it’s a good idea to stay away and cast a professional.

™ Memorizing the Lines

And sometimes you can get away with paying an employee to memorize the lines and deliver. But the truth is, memorizing the script and lines is just one part of the entire process. It’s the acting that works the magic.

Therefore, it’s imperative to hire a professional actor to do all the work so that your brand gets the best of what it deserves. Being on the big screen can make your employees feel self-conscious, leading them to perform poorly.

A professional actor knows how to handle the pressure and deliver efficiently. If you’re still in doubt, consult a professional video production company!

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