What’s Your Video Marketing Strategy for 2018? Moving Past Amateur YouTube Videos

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Thanks to GoPro cameras and YouTube, anyone can make a video nowadays and reach out to millions of viewers online. And regular consumers can leverage easy to use editing software like  Final Cut Pro.

Some brands want to cut back costs and hiring amateur videographers to create interactive video content for their marketing strategy. But in the long run, does this really work? The answer is yes and no.

While uploading a short, DIY-type videos to YouTube is beneficial for brands on a budget, this only works temporarily and it starts to paint a brand picture that you may not like. With 2018 here, more and more social media platforms are offering unique and distinctive video marketing solutions.

Here are a few to take into consideration:

Live Video via Instagram

Previously, Instagram was only used for uploading images and provided a mini picture editor to their users so that they could add different filters. A couple of months ago, it expanded and started adding more features to make the experience of its users even more fun and adventurous.

Live video is one of these features. A user can simply invite a friend or another user to chat through live video while their followers watch. This is not only beneficial to individuals but to businesses as well. A brand can have two employees discuss the products they have to offer, while their followers can keep themselves updated.

Live marketing has never been better, thanks to Instagram.

Using Vines and Short Ads

Thanks to twitter, 30 second videos have become extremely popular in the world of advertising. Vines are short, humorous videos that are meant to be small skits. How can brands benefit from this? Well, for one, everyone loves humor. Adding a little humor to your videos can go a long way.

Secondly, you can also post short commercials on your social media accounts to gain the attention of potential customers that do not want to sit through a 2 minute commercial.

“Banner” Ads

While banner ads were previous known for images and a short description, they’ve come a long way since then. Brands can now upload videos to various websites to reach out to potential customers. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way to gain exposure for your brand and target the right audience.

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