How To Make Your Educational Videos More Effective

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Keep Them Short

Research shows that students do not engage with online lecture content in the same way as they do face-to-face lectures.

Shorter and single concept videos of 6 minutes or less are much more effective learning tools than long lectures.

Be Precise

Don’t exaggerate or include unwanted details in educational videos.

Students tend to learn better from a coherent summary

Use Visuals

Use pictures and visual data to explain a concept while you narrate.

Students learn better when they have multiple inputs from which to IF create different mental models and build connections .

Write An Outline Or Script

Your project starts with pre-production, not production, so write an outline or script for your lecture or scene.

Planning the video out with a script or outline will save a lot of time during filming and post-production.

Link Your Videos To Activities

Ensure students actually watch the videos and provide them with consolidation opportunities by linking the viewing of the video with a follow-up activity, like a short quiz.

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