I Can’t Hear You: The Importance of Professional Audio

By January 17, 2018No Comments

“He was like a song I’d heard once in fragments but had been singing in my mind ever since.” – Memoirs of a Geisha.

Songs. Words. Conversations. Call it what you want but some of the best parts of movies include something sung or said by a character. Audio and music are so important in films, they have their own categories at the Oscars.

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

“Reality is for people that lack imagination.”

From a remarkable and stunning soundtrack to the romantic and cheesy lines, professional audio plays a vital role when it comes to creating films. Not only does the audio and score of a film help highlight the key aspects of the story, it also helps set the mood.  This is also true in the case of commercials and video content.

If you can’t hear “I’m lovin’ It” or “It’s finger lickin’ good!” in a McDonald’s or KFC ad because of a poor production audio recording or a bad mix, the whole commercial is ruined. Pristine sound is critical to the success of a commercial or corporate video.

Even if the video uses voice-over recorded in post-production in a studio, it must be recorded using the right technology and tools, and edited by a professional editor.

Why Professional Audio Equipment is Essential

It’s understandable that brands want to save money. But the truth is, what makes a video isn’t the allure of a high budget, it’s an end product that was executed well.  This means when your on set recording dialogue, your sound recording and mixer is using quality microphones and has evaluated the audio quality of the environment.

In Conclusion, most brands focus solely on visual effects and compelling storylines. It’s easy to overlook professional audio equipment and treatment, but without it, a video won’t succeed. Don’t let your business video fail by not hiring a video vendor that values the important of audio. Hire a professional video production company that can deliver on time, without compromising the results.

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