Need Product Videos for Amazon?

By December 3, 2015No Comments

A growing number of companies are now realizing the importance of using videos on Amazon to promote their products. Compared to product images, videos provide a compelling approach to define product specifications, uses and benefits. These can either be simply highlighting videos or even creative one minute commercials to engage customers in an interactive way.

At 336 Productions, we have designed product videos for a number of clients aiming to sell their products on Amazon. Recently, we created dozens of product videos for Lustraware, a global company that sells kitchen containers. We showed their products in their natural environment (the kitchen) where they were being used to store various food items. To top it off, we put in a lively voiceover that completes the video. You can check one of them out here.

So why use Amazon videos?

While there is a long list of reasons why you should immediately Picture for Blog_NeedProductVideosforAmazon_213542have videos for all your products on Amazon, here are a few of the most important ones:

Videos are highly persuasive

You might have heard this before, but do you know why videos are more persuasive than text or pictures? The human brain requires emotions to make buying decisions. How will this help me? How will I use it? Will this give me more time to do other things? These are just a few questions running at the back of the head when people are trying to buy suitable products. No other method is better at conveying emotions than videos.

A product video caters to the auditory and visual senses, allowing viewers to pick up on body cues, imagery, facial expressions and music. This creates an emotional bond that influences the viewer’s buying decisions.

Here’s an interesting fact – more than 80% of people say they are highly likely to buy a product after watching its video.

Search Engines have a thing for videos

An engaging video is like a trump card in the hand of the SEO expert. Top search engines are looking for various signs to determine that your content is engaging enough and nothing increases engagement like videos. While Amazon product videos are primarily for Amazon, you can also post them on your social media pages. Next, you can link them to your product pages and voila!

Provided that you partnered with a reliable video vendor for product explainer videos in Orange County, your product videos will play a pivotal role in helping you nail the top search results.

Videos have always been regarded as relatively much better tools than compared to other forms of media, like text and images. The right Amazon product video can help you outshine your competition and bring in an increasing number of viewers and video vendor for productcustomers.

At 336 Productions, we have years of experience in designing product videos that bring our clients results! Are you ready to showcase your product in a compelling video? Give us a call and discuss your products with us today.