Make the Switch from Written Product Manuals to Product Videos

By December 3, 2015No Comments

If you are currently jotting down all the points you can put into your product manuals, stop right there! With so much happening on digital media and your customers falling short on time in their lives, writing instructional manuals might not be the best way to go about it.

Why not make the switch to product videos? Sounds like a good idea, right?

Instructional and educational product videos aren’t just relatively engaging, they also serve as the perfect tools to pass on every piece of technical advice you want. Customers are now highly likely to look up a product on YouTube before they actually go and purchase it. Why?

There are three primary reasons:

  1. So that they see the product in action.
  2. So that they can check out the specifications.
  3. So they can see it compared with other products.

Get into the shoes of the customer. Would you prefer watching a There are three primary reasonsvideo that conveys everything you need to know about a product in 90 seconds or download a 10Mb PDF manual that is filled with vector diagrams and lots of boring text? It’s a no-brainer!

Companies today are producing how-to and educational videos that can replace product manuals and here’s why:

Videos Are Better At Showing Your Benefits and Features

The simply inclusion of a product video instead of a manual on either your product page or social media platforms means the viewers will have quick access to all the benefits of the item. Showing the product in a video illustrates its functions better and gives you more opportunities to pitch it.

Videos Highlight Your USP

You can write pages and pages on your USP in the product manual but to be frank, not many customers will read it. However, you are bound to make a good impression with a creatively designed video that shows how your product stands out. This is the sole reason why, on many crowdfunding websites, projects backed with video pitches get more attention. Selling something unique can be best done with visuals.

Videos Give You Instant Trust Points

For greater success of your product, you need to bring it out of the 2D world and throw it into the exciting world of video. A product video proves that the item works just like the customers want it to, thereby building their trust.

Videos Are More Persuasive Than Text

It is commonly known that potential customers don’t really have Videos Give You Instant Trust Pointsthe time to spend hours reading product information. For this reason, product videos provide a more accessible way of checking out your product.

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