Project Spotlight: Adlens

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The start of 2016 brought 336 Productions many unique projects. One of those projects was a customer testimonial video for Adlens.

About Adlens

Co-founded by James Chen in 2005, the objective of Adlens is to address previously unmet and unaddressed need for corrective vision is today’s developing world. The company also develops commercial applications for variable focus lens technology.

The company understands its customer market which is why it took only 10 years to grow from an extraordinary philanthropic initiative to one of the leading global enterprises and sellers of adjustable focus eyewear.

With offices in Tokyo and Boston, the company’s headquarters as well as a state-of-the-art research facility is situated in Oxford, UK.

They needed a video for their Focuss eyeware which have lenses that, when adjusted by turning a small dial hidden within the frame, seamlessly switch between the wearer’s reading, mid-range and distance prescriptions.

How 336 Productions Tackled This Project

Adlens came to us with a very specific concept: they wanted to interview customer’s in their homes or places of work, and they wanted the video to feel like a documentary. They wanted what the customers said to feel honest and real, and they wanted the cinematography to reflect that as well.

Our team travelled all over the country for this project: Erie, Omaha and Denver. A two unit crew worked hard to deliver the final video in the tight turnaround required by Adlens.

We provided all services in the making of this documentary style product/case-study video, from conception to completion.

Changes Made During Post-Production

During post-production, the final 5 minute video was cut down into 3 standalone, shorter videos. This increased the number of videos, and in doing this Adlens now had 4 short videos to market. This idea increased the ROI for Adlens, get higher value without adding much to the budget.

Our work for Adlens has paid off for them, in just 3 months the videos neared 5,000 views on YouTube alone! This was the first time Adlens came to 336 Productions for their video marketing needs and we hope it won’t be the last!

With great pride, we introduce our work – Adlens promotional video.