Increase Sales By Making A Video That Says, “Yes, Buy From Me”!

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What is the best way to make a sales video stand out? This question is on the minds of every business thinking of producing a sales video which will do just that, i.e. increase their sales!

We love to see online videos –the good ones we watch on repeat sometimes. We also see a lot of stale videos which don’t hit the mark, sometimes by miles!

Creative and compelling sales videos are one in a dozen, but this doesn’t mean you should make do with your stale sales video!

The following are some helpful tips to make a sales video which will say, “Yes, buy from me!”

Make A Playful VideoMake A Playful Video

Yes, boring sales videos can be made playful and the Dollar Shave Club is a very good example.

Known for making two outrageously fun, off-beat and playful sales videos ON RAZORS (their product), the Dollar Shave Club has made millions!

This just cements our theory: A good promotional video is one which makes the viewers laugh, share and/or click the buy button. Of course, this kind of promotion is possible depending on the service or product, i.e. a playful video won’t be appreciated for your divorce attorney services.

Speak With Your Brand’s Voice

In other words, stay true to your brand and the message it promotes. Since authenticity is essential for engaging any audience, the only way you can involve your target customers is by being truthful in products and services benefits and your practices. When you’re honest and in-line with your brand philosophy it will draw people in and make them loyal.

Start By Asking A Question

This is marketing strategy 101 – be it for content or video marketing. Viewers will become intrigued to watch the entire video if the opening statement is a question. Double points if the question directly relates your service or product to an issue faced by your audience!

Tackling a relatable question at the start of your sales video will also help customers think the video is all about them, which increases engagement. So, instead of sprouting all the awesome services your company can provide, let the viewer know you have their best interests at heart. Remember to end the video with a clear call to action.

Make Sure The Video Plays With AND Without Audio

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be using the video in a number of different channels, including your Make Sure The Video Plays With AND Without Audioown website, social media networking and sharing sites, as well as at your trade show booth and through emails.

Therefore make the most of your sales video by producing it knowing audio may be compromisedfor the viewer (especially in a trade show environment). For instance: You can include a voice-over in your online sales video. The same video can be used at a trade show with the audio off! Both will effectively communicate your brand’s message ‘visually’ to the audience even if they can’t hear what is being said.

While you’re at it, refrain from producing videos that are too ‘salesy’. Such videos will only cause your customers to turn the other direction! Don’t push for a product; instead give them something to contemplate. Better yet, hire us for your business’ sales video.