Questions to Consider When Starting a Video Project

By June 24, 2018No Comments

Starting a video project may seem like a daunting task at first. Coming up with a brilliant idea, taking into account the audience’s preferences, developing an exceptional script, and planning production.

These are just some of the steps that can stress-out or even scare off a brand from giving the green light to a video project.

But in order for your company’s message to be conveyed, you need to hire the right video company to produce your project.  The right video vendor will make the process easy, and even fun.  They will take of the script, casting, location scouting, cast and crew building, filming, editing, etc, so you can focus on your day job.

With that in mind, here are some questions a video production company might ask when you first reach out for a quote:

  1. How many videos in the project?
  2. What’s the duration of the video(s)?
  3. What’s the topics of the video(s)?
  4. What’s the use of the video(s)? (Website, Social Media, Internal, Broadcast)
  5. What’s the goal of the video(s)? (For example, “I want viewers to learn more about our services and want to call us”)
  6. What will the viewer see in the video? (For example, “drone shots of our manufacturing plant and exterior of the building, wide shots of plant to get an idea of scale, close-ups of equipment, and people at work in labs”)
  7. Where will the video be shot?  (At your location or do you need us to scout and secure a location?  If so, what kind of location: a studio or an actual business or place)
  8. Will there be interviews?  If yes, how many?
  9. If no interviews, where will the audio come from?  (Voice-over, someone improvising lines to camera, or no dialogue)
  10. Do you need casting services?  (For actors, models, or voice-over)
  11. Will there be any graphics or animations? (If so, 2D or 3D?  Can you describe the graphics and/or animations?)
  12. Do you have the script already or will the video company be writing/collaborating on it with you?
  13. When do you need the project completed by?
  14. Is there an example video you like that you want to share?
  15. Is there a budget you need the video company to work with?

Try to have the answers to these questions before reaching out to a video vendor.  With the answers to the above questions, the video company should be able to build a budget for your project.

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