Should You Invest In YouTube Ads?

By December 15, 2018No Comments

YouTube may be the solution to boredom at work and the best way to kill time, but with so many big companies and passionate entrepreneurs taking advantage of the social media platforms to promote their business, it’s become a stage for corporate innovation.

YouTube allows them to pay for pre-roll ads so they can advertise products and services in between the content you love.

And while cute, animated cat videos offer endless entertainment, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of marketing on YouTube.

But the million dollar question is: is investing in YouTube ads worth it?

Here’s why that’s a big yes:

All The Exposure You Need

While it’s become the norm for viewers to skip ads, it still gives your brand exposure.

If you’re a new startup, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your message across. Even if viewers skip the ad after a few seconds, there’s potential for brand recognition. But if you want to really catch their attention, skip the conventional way of video marketing.

Offer something that quickly grabs your viewers’ attention. Ask a question, surprise them, or create content that emotionally connects with your viewers.

When you pique your viewers’ curiosity, they’ll automatically be drawn to the content you have to offer.

Create A Great First Impression

If you create a great first impression, you’re bound to become successful with your target audience. With 1 billion users (the number is predicted to rise up to 1.86 billion in 2021) it’s the largest streaming website to ever exist.

This means that millions of viewers will be watching your videos and you’re guaranteed to garner the attention of potential clients.

Connect With Your Target Audience

Using location-based marketing, you can easily connect with your target audiences. YouTube collects information based on their viewers’ search history to display relevant ads.

This means that your commercial will start automatically whenever your target audience watches a video. And your commercial will only be displayed to interested viewers.

Secondly, this also helps you measure your conversion rate accurately. You can easily find out which audience is interested in watching your commercials and which one is mostly likely to press the “skip ad” button.

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