Anatomy Of Films: The Building Blocks Of A Memorable Movie

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Just stop. Stop for a moment; a minute, a second. Stop and think about what makes life worth living. What makes it truly beautiful—what makes it magnificent.

Think about all the memories you cherish. Think about the memories that haunt you ‘til this day—even the ones you don’t want to recall.

The human mind is amazing. It can store vast amounts of information. And yet, there are a few moments that leave an unforgettable imprint on our minds.

For some, it’s their first kiss on a warm, glorious summer day. For some, it’s graduation day. And for some, it’s a beautiful or heart-wrenching scene from their favorite movie.

The Anatomy Of An Exceptional Film

A good movie will get your attention for a short moment. But a great movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, ‘til the very end.

Perhaps it’s the acting, the direction, or maybe the plot. Or maybe it’s all three.

Every movie follows a basic format—an arrangement. But what really sets an average movie apart from a great one?

The Power Of Emotions

This scene from Sophie’s Choice was not only heart-wrenching; it fed into the deepest fears of every mother—choosing between her two children.

Imagine making a choice that’s impossible to make. Imagine standing there, helpless, powerless, defenseless, and vulnerable.

A guilt that haunts you ‘til the day you die— a decision that changes the course of your life— and a lifetime full of what ifs.

Meryl Streep won an award for her performance. But the dilemma of a powerless mother has left an inerasable impression on our minds.

Emotions in content help you connect with your audience; they help you humanize your brand. It helps you establish a relationship with your clients. But more importantly, it lets them know you care about exceeding their expectations. You’re not just a brand trying to sell your products. You’re trying to develop an understanding with them.

The Focus On Every Character

If you’ve noticed, great films focus on creating a solid background for every character. No character is introduced without a story to tell, even if it’s for a brief moment.

And while commercials are shorter than movies, that doesn’t mean you introduce a random character without a story to back it up.

Even if the characters we like are fictional, they’re meant to portray real people, with real problems.

Originality Should Never Limit Talent

Some of the best films gained inspiration from others ideas. From Lord Of The Rings, to Forrest Gump, some of the best films weren’t based on ideas that came from the directors, they started as books.

You can take ideas from various sources and mold them into your own. You can be inspired by your favorite TV show, or song, or even a competitor’s video.

So, experiment with different concepts and you’re bound to come up with something good!

And Then There’s Us…

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