How to Take a Cinematic Approach to Corporate Videos

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Let’s get one thing straight—corporate videos are not movies. They don’t need a star-studded cast, they don’t need a 120-page script, and they certainly don’t need a Christopher Nolan-sized budget.

But shooting in your office and having a cast of ordinary faces doesn’t mean that your corporate video has to be boring. We’re living in the age of digital filmmaking, where advanced technology and talented cinematographers can make low-budget videos look very expensive.

Corporate videos are not movies, by any means; but they are an opportunity to tell the story of your brand.

And you know who tells the greatest corporate stories today?

Filmmaking wizards with a big bag of tricks.

Chapter 1: Perspective

An effective way to make your corporate video more engaging is to make it more cinematic and thus more enjoyable to watch. But in order to add a smooth, cinematic flare, it’s imperative that you know the aesthetic and emotional impact of applying certain filmmaking techniques.

Shooting 24 frames per seconds is a standard in the film and TV industry, compared to 30 frames per second, used by most in “the old days” of corporate video production.

Additionally, compressing the image using a codec can limit your options in post-production. If you’re looking for flexibility and quality, shoot RAW at 24fps.

Chapter 2: Shallow Depth of Field (DOF)

You know that really beautiful aesthetic you see in some films that seamlessly directs the plot without relying on dynamic movement?

It’s called shallow focus and it’s used to the point of exhaustion in nearly every motion picture you see today.

Silky and stunning as it may be, however, the trick to applying this technique correctly is to use it methodically to create an emotional impact. Here’s how Emmy-winning drama The Handmaid’s Tale mastered the technique to create visual poetry, and how one brand did the same to promote its automobiles. #CorporateCinema

Chapter 3:  Lighting and Color Grading

If you think advanced lighting is only appropriate for night-time shoots, you’re in for a big surprise! Color correction and masterful lighting are two essential components of a professional video—be it for corporate promotion or media entertainment.

Here’s the good news: professional lighting can elevate your seemingly bland video to great cinematic heights.

The bad news?

If you’re not familiar with overhead diffusion, reflectors and negative fills, you may run the risk of an improper lighting scheme that makes the talent look bad.

These details may sound a little scary, but if you work with professionals, it’s all second nature to them.

Want to give your corporate video a cinematic edge?

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