Insider Tips for a Compelling Crowdfunding Video

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There’s nothing more inspiring than pursuing your dream and garnering the support of complete strangers who believe in your vision.

With crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, CrowdFunder, GoFundMe and Indiegogo dominating social media, entrepreneurs, inventors, and filmmakers now have an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for passion projects—slowly but surely witnessing their dreams come to life.

In fact, crowdfunding has been so popular in recent years that it’s managed to affect the economy by influencing real estate investment. Clearly, you’re dealing with a powerful tool here!

But aspiring entrepreneurs and directors are also warned: simply having a Kickstarter page may not be enough to help your plans reach fruition.

According to Kickstarter itself, 67% of projects are more likely to succeed with a crowdfunding video than those without. So, instead of moving forward with an uncertain strategy, aim for 100% success with a compelling video that covers all bases!

Introduce Yourself

Who are you? What does this project mean to you? Why should I invest in your cause?

These are all important questions that should be answered in your video. And although no two videos are exactly the same, the best ones tend to score high on authenticity. Don’t be afraid to engage with the camera, maintain transparency, and be the best YOU that you can be!

Remember: people aren’t just investing in an idea; they’re investing in a dream. Give ‘em a chance to get to know you.

Keep Track of Time

Seeking financial assistance to pursue your creative goals can be a little intimidating. You have every reason to provide as much information as possible, but you also don’t want viewers to zone out or lose interest.

Try to personalize the content and cover the basics within an ideal 2-4 minute window.

Avoid Copyright Issues

You may be tempted to use popular music to underscore your video, but the smallest copyright infringement may compromise your efforts.

You definitely don’t want to be known as the crowdfunding guy who got stuck in a legal battle due to copyright infringement.

Steer clear of brand logos and commercial music, and opt for royalty-free content just to be on the safe side.

Add a Professional Touch

Despite having a great idea for a video, but you may not be able to edit your way to perfection. This is a job for a professional editor who can do what they do best to capture the heart and soul of your initiative.

If you’re really serious about raising funds for a dream project, don’t settle for mediocrity and work with the pros!

We’re an award-winning video production company in Orange County and we love a good crowdfunding cause!

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