The three stages of producing a video are: pre-production, production and post-production.  While the style, timeline, concept and budget may vary, these three building blocks will remain the same for a successful production. This blog will explain all the stages involved in the production of a professional video.


All the planning and coordination happens at this stage, so it’s important to conduct meetings before you move on to the production phase. Here are the basics involved:

1. Fact-Finding

You need to discuss the purpose and goals of your video with the production team together. You should convey ideas regarding the tone of the video, how to target your audience, and how you will be going about your branding.

2. Meeting

Here, you will be discussing the characters involved, the timeline of producing the video and visiting the different locations of the video.

3. Preparing For the Shoot

To make sure the production goes smoothly, you have to make sure the script is thoroughly checked, actors are present, the locations are confirmed and the schedule is finalized.


After the meetings and preparations are complete, the story begins to come to life. This is where you get the footage and tell the story. If there are any additional ideas that you may want to add, make sure they are conveyed to the production team before the end of the production phase.

In short, the production phase includes setting up all your video equipments, lights and sound system, recording voiceovers and footage.


After production, the producer and editor will now begin to plan and edit the actual video. The producer transcribes all the footage and the video editor brings the story together. Music selections, review and approvals and the final delivery all happens in the post-production phase.

Post-production takes a lot of time. Usually, it can take 6-8 weeks unless specified otherwise.

After initial version of the edits, there is a revision. Once it’s finalized, it will need to be formatted to serve its specific purpose. Every media outlet has its own specifications for optimum video playback. So make sure that you adjust that accordingly.

The entire process is based on the project goals and budget. In some cases you can have the video produced yourself. However, to reach and impress your target audience you must work with a professional video service company.

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