The Secret To Creating Product Videos That Sell

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Whether you’re marketing a new product or a new service, a product video is one of the cornerstones of a marketing strategy. A fantastic product video will do both, inform and entertain your viewers. It will grab their attention at the start and leave them reaching out for their wallet at the end.

Product videos are so important that 72% of customers would rather watch a product video than read product descriptions to get to know the product. Plus, 64–85% of people are more likely to make a purchase after having watched a product video. So it’s a given that you should be creating good product videos for your brand.

How, you ask? Let’s find out.

Show The Bigger Picture

Simply creating a product video showcasing your product is not enough. While, yes, the goal of a product video is ultimately to highlight the product; you must also think of how it fits in the viewers’ lives. Create a product video that highlights your product in the context of the customer’s life. Is it inspiring the viewer? Is it helping them do something better? Show how it fits into the bigger picture.

Show And Tell

You’re back in first grade and it’s Show and Tell Day. While a product video with a fancy concept and artistic editing may be aesthetically appealing, at the end of the video, your customers should be able to tell what you’re selling. Simply show off your product and discuss how it fits in the customer’s life.

Have Someone Tell Your Story

A product video shouldn’t just list off the technical specs and features of a product; it should do more than that. Customers want to know what kind of people use the product and how they use it. Have a person feature in the product video to bring a personal element into it.

Engage Your Target Audience

You know how during a tour, bands shout out the name of the city they’re playing at to hype up the audience? You can do something similar in your product videos. If you’re catering to a specific demographic or target audience, customize your product video to make it more relevant.

Include a CTA

At the end of the product video, you must include a call to action to direct the customers toward what they should be doing next. If a viewer has made it all the way to the end of your 2-minute hairdryer demonstration, they’re probably pretty interested in buying it. So try including a link or an email so that your customers can easily order it.

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