The Various Benefits of Using Training Videos over Manuals

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(Almost) gone are the days when companies used manuals for corporate learning and training. This archaic method is being replaced with videos, which is no surprise really seeing how far enterprise video technology has come. Quality, effectiveness, accessibility have all increased in training videos, with not only the advancements in video technology, but the emergence of tech savvy B2C and B2B training video makers in Orange County, like us, 336 Productions.

Training videos do more than just provide an additional layer of instruction and learning. The following are some more benefits that training videos provide:

Using Training Videos Reduces Costs

Traditional corporate training is a time consuming and costly process. Using an enterprise training video for doing the same significantly reduces planning and organization that normally incurs with in-person training. Using an enterprise video platform also eliminates physical costs connected to using a facility for the training, and personnel needed to train. Corporate training videos can be used for:

  • product training
  • on-boarding
  • skills training
  • software training
  • policy training

The best part yet? Corporate training video provides flexibility to employees. Access to training and course content can be made from anywhere, at anytime. Some of our clients create microsites or areas in their network where employees can watch the videos and the company receives reports on who has watched and when.

Training Videos Keeps Employees Engaged

Training Videos Keeps Employees EngagedA report by Nielson revealed that nearly 44% of all web videos are viewed at work. It makes even more sense to use the same concept, only for training! With the help of video, managers can easily motivate and engage their employees in a way that far surpasses the ability of text based communication!

Employees have access to training videos which means they can view the content at their own pace, their own time and on their own device! They can even rewind the video to note down important points, something that can’t be done with in-person training manuals.

Using Training Videos Reduces Travel

Nobody likes being on the road all the time, least of all corporate managers, who already have a lot on their plate. This is why corporate training videos are a huge hit. They drastically reduce the time that would have normally been spent traveling when using the in-person or manual training method. In addition, managers can connect their trainees to subject matter experts from around the world through video without actually having to bring in the experts.

Training videos are especially helpful for companies or retailers that have multiple offices and store branches scattered throughout the country. Through this method of corporate training, managers will be able to bring the entire company under one roof, so to speak. With so many benefits of using training videos, why should you be left behind in this growing trend? Take a look at some of our best training videos.

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