Top 3 Qualities That Will Make Your Video Go Viral

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Top 3Qualities That Will Make Your Video Go Viral

Video marketing has transformed the online marketing landscape. With inventive approaches and fresh ideas, online videos help companies stand out on social media, give customers a better idea of their products, and leave a mark on the customers’ minds without overwhelming them, as heavy text tends to do. Many times, in less than thirty seconds, a short and visually-appealing video can help you achieve your goal by engaging audiences with inspiring, entertaining, and authentic content.

The purpose of video marketing is not just making people watch your video, but also persuading them to share the video. While shared advertising is considered the Holy Grail by many, getting people to share is often an elusive goal.

Although creating a viral video can be a tall order,there are certain ways you can help make your campaign a successful one.Here are some common attributes that your video must have to make it go viral and maximize your reach.

1.     Add an Emotional Feel

Humans are naturally inclined to things that arouse their emotions. That’s why videos showing pets, funny babies, and family centered video ads do so well. Videos with “emotional” themes are widely shared videos because they portray a strong sense of empathy, thus urging people to share them with others.

2.     Make It Identifiable and Relatable

When people share something on social media, they give a glimpse of their own personality to the rest of the world. For this reason, people like to share videos that portray their age group, sex, or culture in a good light. That’s why it is important to consider the type of audiences you are aiming to reach when creating videos.

Make sure that the video speaks to your target audience; this should induce sharing and spreading of your video to your intended audiences.

3.     Keep It Short and Simple

Internet users are multi-takers. Not many people want to sit back and watch lengthy brand videos while managing other tasks as well. Conciseness is key to creating effective online videos.

Typically, a viral video should be no longer than three minutes. Besides being short, the message must be clear and understandable to encourage sharing.

Considering the growing popularity and effectiveness of video marketing; more and more companies are incorporating video marketing strategies in their online marketing programs. If you have not yet done that, contact us and create an effective video for your business today!

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