Trends in Corporate Videos

By August 6, 2014No Comments

Trends in the production of corporate videos have come and gone, but the trends below are still popular, and if done right, still powerful:

1. Aerial Footage

Shooting from the top of a skyscraper has become easier (and safer) with the help of remote controlled drones that are fitted with HD cameras. Filmmakers no longer need to fly in a helicopter or plane to capture breathtaking aerial video. This is a big deal for companies who don’t have the budget to include helicopter rentals and all the permit and safety concerns that come with it. We’ve used our drone to capture large, several acre facilities, new buildings, and cinematic shots for a powerful moment.

2. Motion-Graphics

Motion-graphics are incredibly popular. Some videos use them over live-action footage, while others are entirely motion-graphics. Motion-graphics can be used to educate, grab someone’s attention, or even just for fun, as an accent. There are all different styles of graphics out there. We consult with the client during pre-production to determine what style is best for their brand and video. Our videos include motion-graphics from some of the best artists out there.

3. Time-Lapse

Time-lapses have been used by video producers for quite some time, but they’ve made their way into corporate videos in the last few years. A time-lapse involves “taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster.” Often, you see them in corporate videos as a metaphor for change or the future, to show something that takes hours or days in seconds, or as a “beautification technique.” Hyperlapse is also very popular, it’s basically timelapse with motion, and can create a more interesting and dynamic result.

4. Sliders

A slider a piece of gear where the camera sits on a carriage and moves along tracks, like a dolly, but smaller. It creates moving shots, and is a great way to add depth to a shot and production value. They are popular within the corporate video world because many of them are light and compact, allowing crews to use them in tight or sensitive areas, which is often seen in corporate video production.

5. Slow Motion

Slow motion has been used in films for decades. It has been used in action films to show off a particularly cool sequence and in dramatic films to add to the drama. It’s used in corporate videos in very similar ways actually. By filming a shot in a high frame rate (higher than the normal 24 frames per second), slow motion can make a major impact on viewers if used at the right moment.

6. Length

Current trends in video production are moving towards shorter videos where more is meant and said in a shorter amount of time. The reason for this reduction in time is that statistics show viewers prefer shorter videos, and they’re more likely to watch a shorter video to the end.

Whether or not we use these trends depends on if it’s appropriate for the video. We don’t just use these devices, techniques, or products just because they’re “cool.” We use them only if they will make the video better. Many video production companies don’t take the time to craft original concepts and scripts that lead to great videos. At the end of the day, it’s going with what’s most creative, not what’s most trendy.