Essentials of Demonstration Videos

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Product demonstration videos can help your customers or clients in using your products in a better way, or can even convince them to purchase your product after viewing the video. However, a good demonstration video has certain characteristics that set it apart from the others and make it a success. Some of the essential features of a good demonstration video include:


Every video requires a catchy script that is well written and comprehensive. The first and foremost part of demo video production is to make a list of all the product features and uses that you want to highlight and then to create a script that explains each of these in detail. Remember that your script must complement the visual demonstration that is being shown in the video, and be concise so that the video is not too long; it depends on the product, but a typical demo video should be short, anywhere from a few seconds to 3 minutes is standard.


Many product demonstration videos use voice-over. This is when a narrator talks over the visuals, describing what’s being shown. After we’ve collected auditions from professional voice-over actors, we usually provide the client with our top 3-5 auditions, so that they can make the final casting pick. The voice-over performance needs to be expressive, and the quality of the audio needs to be pristine so that every visual can be properly explained to the viewer.


The most important part of the video is the demonstration itself that must be recorded in a systematic and cinematic manner. A demo video is an educational tool, so the shots of the demo need to clearly show what’s being done. Also, the demo also should be filmed in a cinematic and engaging way so the viewer stays until the end, and walks away confident they can use the product.

Sound Effects and Music

Aside from the voice-over track, a demo video will need sound effects and music. Perhaps the sound effects are created in post-production for added production value, or perhaps there was sound recorded on set. Either way, the sounds in the video should help to highlight the product, help with the overall feel of the video, or act as an educational tool. Music is important in every video, whether it’s a film, commercial, or demo video. We put a lot of effort into finding the right song for our videos because songs not only help with the pace of the edit, but they reflect the brand.

Supers and Motion-Graphics

Supers, or on screen text, are almost 100% necessary in a demo video. They help to highlight key features or instructions. Motion-Graphics may also be necessary, but that’s not always true. The concept and script will dictate if it’s needed. For some products, motion-graphics or other visual effects can show viewers things they the human eye can’t or help communicate complicated ideas using simple graphics and animations.

The finalized video should be a smooth and easy to understand process that shows the key features and usage options of your product. Demonstration videos can be very effective in selling your products and can be of great assistance to your customers when they are in need of proper guidance with regard to the features of your products. Additionally, demonstration videos attract reviews and comments, leading to more credibility and promotion for your business.

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