Trump It Up With Time-Lapse

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Even though we make corporate videos, we’re telling stories. That’s especially true for when we’re producing corporate culture videos, case studies or explainer videos. In order to tell the best story, we don’t want to just say it, we want to show it! Therefore, we’re going to use many different camera and editing techniques to create the most appealing and entertaining visual stories.

One way to achieve that, and admittedly, a very trendy way, is ‘Time-Lapse’. As the name suggests, time-lapse video is a photography technique that is used to display an elaborate or long process within a short period of time.To show you an example of time-lapse, one of the DP’s we work with, Colin Mika, produced this time-lapse video –, which received national acclaim. And if you browse the videos in our gallery, you’ll see various examples of it.

Incorporating this technique within videos proves to be highly beneficial. However, it is essential that a team well versed in the use of this technique so it comes out correctly. Here are some of the ways a time-lapse can be used to evoke a positive response from the target audience.

People Love It

First of all, the unique nature of time-lapse makes it interesting for people. There is a certain magnetism attached to viewing something that you cannot really perceive that well through the naked eye. Secondly, if you use the time-lapse portion of your video as a stand-alone “bonus” video, people are more likely to click on it, be it on your website, Facebook, or even Instagram!

Easy Explanations

Sometimes, the products and services offered by a company are highly specific to particular needs, or the process itself takes too long to show in a video.Using time-lapse to speed up a process can give people a better understanding of the process. All the details expressed within a time-lapse video do not only save time, but they add a certain level of uniqueness to your video.

Hustle and Bustle

If you have a busy factory or office, time-lapse is a neat way to show that off. It takes the existing energy of a high traffic area and amplifies it. These shots are not only fun to watch, but they give viewers a sense of the intensity and productivity happening at your factory or office.


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