The Ultimate Marketing Strategy For Your E-Learning Platform

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Cathy Moore, considered to be a driving force of the e-learning community, has said, “The most important principle for designing lively e-learning sessions is to see e-learning not as information; but as a designing experience.”

As it is with almost all industry segments in the market today, e-learning platforms have also grown and multiplied over the passage of time. Much of this growth can be attributed to technological advancement. Because of this, people today can launch their very own e-learning platform from the comfort of their homes, on their personal computers.

When it comes to standing out from competition, a huge benefit to any e-learning platform is creative, high-quality video; and 336 Productions is here to help you come up with the best creative concepts!

Course Videos

Instead of, or in addition to, course books or online text, create course videos. For example, for the last few years, we’ve worked with RxPrep, a comprehensive study program for students needing to take the NAPLEX and CPJE exam. Not only do they have text books that they can study from, but we film course videos for their whole program. These videos work alongside the text. The videos are easy for the students to ingest and more entertaining and engaging than reading a book.

Why You Need An Educational Promo Video

Your students aren’t sitting in a classroom, they’re sitting…well, they could be sitting anywhere there’s Internet. In order to express your integrity as an educational platform, you need to use a medium that shows your vision to prospective learners while leveraging the web. Incorporating an educational promo video within your website and other video sharing sites has a number of advantages.

Listing down all the details about the courses involved can prove to be a hassle to read for many.This medium has the capability to deliver your vision through both audio and visual tools, that too, in a gripping and interesting manner.

Components Involved

When it comes to developing these videos, you need a video team who not only creates professional quality video, but who understands how to film videos for e-learning programs and schools. Our team at 336 Productions can help you come up concepts for your course videos and promo videos.

We can also help with a testimonial video, where we integrate previous student experiences and success stories, which sends out a positive and trustworthy image of the e-learning institute. Simply speaking, this video basically answers all the questions a would-be student may have about the program.

Choosing A Production Team

Developing educational videos in Orange County is simply a call away, with 336 Productions! Our team works extensively with clients in terms of coming up with an ideal concept and developing a proper script to execute that concept to the world. A video production team should be highly professional, and creative. We provide services that help companies make the best educational promo video, case study video, explainer videos, and legal video services in Orange County.

It is our belief that video making should be a fun, exciting, collaborative, and an organized process. What makes us stand out from our competition is the way we approach the process and treat our clients. Our goal is to provide the best customer service, the best experience, and of course, the best videos!

Our expertise and services adhere to a variety of businesses in the industry, irrespective of the size of the business in question. Our main focus is to stand out based on creativity. Feel free to go through our portfolio! Contact us today for a making a sales video in Orange County or for any questions that you may have and we will be more than happy to be of assistance!

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