Using Facebook Videos to Effectively Market Your Brand

By January 8, 2016No Comments

Have you started noticing more advertisement videos in your Using Facebook Videos to Effectively Market Your BrandFacebook newsfeed? Do you plan on taking advantage of this latest video marketing tool?

With the latest changes like the Autoplay feature for videos, your video content is now more eye-catching than regular posts due to enhanced visibility. As videos on Facebook now seem to get more of an organic reach than regular posts, opening doors to a number of opportunities for your business.

At 336 Productions, we have designed a number of sales videos in Orange County for our clients, and those clients almost always post those videos on their Facebook page. Some even do paid advertising with them. Here are a few important tips to use Facebook videos to effectively market your brand:

Use the Videos to Educate Your Audience

Use the Videos to Educate Your AudienceOne of the most effective types of Facebook videos are explainer or instructional videos. You can use these types of videos to give away a quick overview of your offerings or quickly explain how to do something.

Take the example of the Food Network. The Facebook page includes videos that show chefs preparing amazing recipes in under 15 seconds. The video is linked to the recipe in detail to drive traffic to the website.

Entertain Them

People typically use Facebook to entertain themselves or develop Entertain Themtheir network; this doesn’t mean you post irrelevant cat videos in an attempt to capture their attention. Entertain them with informal, behind the scenes footage or create an interesting animated character to represent your brand. With the various tools available today, it is easy to make a video that stands out and drives viewers to your website.

Create Playlists

Create PlaylistsAnother thing you can do is add playlists. You can add in multiple playlists, therefore gaining more control over viewer experience, navigating through your videos. While at the present Facebook doesn’t offer any option to link to a specific playlist, the feature is expected to be added soon in the near future.

Visit the BBC One Facebook page and find out how the leading news network is using video playlists to gain viewer attention.

Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Posts

Just like YouTube, Facebook videos also have an embed feature Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Postsavailable that allows you to share them on your blog. They can be played easily and in most cases, the comments, likes and shares can also be viewed on the blog itself. To embed videos, click on the date stamp on the post. Select the ‘Embed Video’ option on the right sidebar and a popup will appear with a link. Use this link on your blog or website to embed the video there.

These are just a few ways to use your Facebook videos to effectively market your brand. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you design creative sales and B2B videos in Orange County and leverage them to enhance awareness for your brand on social media platforms.