Is Your Video Content a Showstopper?

By January 19, 2018No Comments

Remember the hilarious Snickers commercial with Betty White or Wendy’s classic “Where’s the beef?” commercial? These remarkable gems are still considered as some of the best commercials of all time.

But it’s not necessarily the brands behind the advertisements that made them magical; it was the genius of the ad agency and video company that made them.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is. It is what the customers tell each other.” – Scott Cook

Every business thinks that its services are the next best thing since sliced bread. But the grim truth is, while every business can produce products and offer services, not every business can become a brand.

In order to successfully grab the attention of your clients and customers, you need to push past limits, stray from the norm, and think outside the box. And while it may seem like creating successful video content is an impossible mountain to climb, there are some measures that can be taken to ensure that your video campaigns become showstoppers.

Thinking “Outside the Box”

Thinking outside the box is more than just a cliché.

It’s not about coming up with brilliant, mind-blowing ideas on a whim. It’s about tackling problems with conceptualization, looking into what makes some ideas lackluster, and creatively explaining solutions. It doesn’t mean you need to build an entirely new world in CG. But it does mean taking the old and making it look new.

The truth is, no idea is unique. If you’ve thought of something, there’s a possibility that someone else has already thought of it. But entrepreneurs find success in molding those ideas into their own and adding something valuable.

Let’s take Google for example. It’s the largest and most popular search engine of our time. And there are dozens like it out there. But people don’t say, “XYZ it.” They say, “Google it.”

This is because over the years Google has established itself as a brand that people can rely on. It has become the symbol of reliability, with memes like “If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist” going viral and a constant flow of on-brand video content.

Similarly, brands need to amp up their video content marketing strategies in order to grab the attention of consumers. Look at successes like Google as inspiration, and research their most popular campaigns.

Special Effect Don’t Mean Success

Some brands seem to have a misconception that simply by doing a video with special effect will make them stand out. If you think that your brand will carve a name for itself just because your video content is visually appealing, that’s just wishful thinking. It must have substance!

The reason why some advertisements (like Kia Niro’s “Hero’s Journey”) have gained attention and success isn’t just because the special effects are cool, it’s because the add to the greater idea. It’s not about the value of special effects, it’s how they play into the plot. Remember that if your clients cannot relate to your products, there will be a communication gap!

The Magic of Scriptwriting

Good scripts are like artwork. They paint a picture with words.

The most important aspect of your video content is its story. It should unfold with a beginning, middle, and end. It doesn’t have to be something mind-blowing. It can be simple but the way it conveys the message should be able to grab your viewers’ attention.

BarBQ Plaza, a Thai restaurant moved people to tears with its Mother’s Day commercial. The slogan? “Not everyone has a chance to have a meal with Mom.”

The commercial was a success because they drew on the realities of life. Every one of us has a story to tell. It doesn’t have to be glamorous; it just needs to be real.

In Conclusion…

While it can be difficult coming up with good video content, don’t forget that it’s not just what you produce, it’s how you produce it.

Most businesses make the mistake of hiring an amateur to take the wheel behind the camera. It’s important to hire a professional that understands your vision, your struggles, and the value of your ideas.

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