Video Production Mistakes to Avoid

By August 6, 2014No Comments

Promotional videos allow corporations to market their business and products in a better way. However, not every video is a success; often times a company decides to produce their own videos, making many mistakes that could have been avoided if the services of industry professionals were employed, but there are other reasons too.

We watch a lot of corporate videos, a lot! We see great ones, OK ones, and yes, bad ones. If you are trying to create a corporate video for your business, here are some common mistakes to avoid to help ensure you’re video is one of the great ones:

Lengthy Videos

People have busy lives and cannot spare the time to watch lengthy videos. If you want to make the most of your video, keep it short and simple. Make the most of your time within the video and highlight only the most important messages, rather than opting for a long and detailed video. Your video production company can help you with this when they craft your script.

Not Branding Your Video

Marketing videos are created to bring additional clientele to your business. Thus, you need to properly brand your video and add your company’s name, logo, and other contact details to guarantee that the viewers will come to you. Additionally, the video company producing your video can create branded motion-graphics and supers (text graphics) to further brand the video.

Poor Quality

If you are making the effort to create a corporate video for your business, it should be of the highest production quality so that it can convince your potential customers to opt for your products. You may think you can’t afford quality video, but you can. It’s an investment in your companies future, and if done right, will bring in new business and stand the test of time. Always think of quality video as one of your company’s most important investments.

Copyright Issues

Most of the music and pictures you find online are under copyrights. Using them without permissions can lead your business into serious legal issues where you can be sued for using licensed media without permission. Always find images and sounds that are free from licenses or purchase the copyrights before using them for your video production. Also, you need to make sure all talent in the video (actors, employees, voice-over narrators – any voice or person featured in the video) signs a release so that you have permission to use their voice and likeness.

Forgetting Your Audience

Every business has its particular target market and if you do not keep your targeted audience in mind while creating your video, you may not attract the right people, resulting in a failed marketing strategy. While in the concept stage, it’s important to consider your target audience: what do they know about you or your products, what don’t they, what questions might they have, etc. Again, the video production company you’re working with can help you here.

Call to Action

Every video has a goal. Almost always, one of the goals is to get viewers to contact you after viewing the video. That may mean calling the business line, or visiting the site or store. You want them to act, so remember to add a call to action into your video!

These are some of the most common mistakes that you need to address in order to attain a successfully produced video. At 336, we’re a video production company that takes great care to avoid all these mistakes, so that all the videos we produce fall into the “great” category!