Animated Sales Videos – Bring Your Business to Life

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When we say the word animated, your mind may immediately conjure up the times spent watching The Cartoon Network after school or your favorite Disney movie.

But newsflash!

Cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. When we say the word “cartoon” we don’t exactly mean Winnie the Pooh or Daffy Duck; think more along the lines of an explainer animated video instead.

Animated videos make it possible for businesses to show things which just aren’t possible with live action videos. Animation opens up new horizons for the filmmaker and allows the brand to visualize complicated ideas in a way that live-action can’t quite do.

Here’s how it can help bring your business to life with motion-graphics (AKA animations):

It Follows a Quick and Simple Process

Looking for a concise and simple way to get your message delivered to your target audience? Animated videos are the way to go!

If you offer services that are a little too complex to explain, make them more fun and engaging with animation instead. Instead of referring prospective customers to a lengthy and dry set of FAQs, use an animation video full of infographs, pictures, and text instead.

Videos Sell More 

We’d all prefer watching something rather than reading it. The dwindling of book readers and an increase in the number of moviegoers can testify to that. The fact is, videos are more fun to watch and easier to understand. They take up less of our time and speak directly to us. Data also shows that businesses that used animations in advertisements noticed a 40% increase in sales.

Improved Search Rankings

Type up a query on Google and the first few search results are likely to be links to videos. People tend to be more visually inclined and prefer watching video-based content more than textual one which is why search engines tend to list videos as the top results. If you want your business to attract more web traffic, marketing animated videos are the solution to your problems.

Inform and Entertain

You don’t want the customers to be bored out of their minds watching a video filled with facts and stats. Neither do you want the video to be so informal and off-the-topic that at the end, the customers have no clue about what your services really are. Animation videos provide a much-needed middle ground. The fun animated visuals can provide the entertaining relief while providing necessary information.

Highly Shareable

Since animation videos are so fun to watch, more and more people tend to share them. Animation videos have the potential of going viral and that’s just what you need to generate more web traffic and build brand presence.

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