Are legal videos beneficial?

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Legal videos have been around for well over 30 years. They include any type of video a law firm might require, including deposition videos or an “About Us” video.

30 years ago, these videos were filmed in low resolutions and, many times, were very cheesy. Now, these videos have evolved to become some of the highest quality tools for litigators.

If you are looking around for legal video services in Orange County, here are some ways to use this highly useful tool:

Impeaching Witnesses

Isn’t it frustrating when you have clearly heard someone say Impeaching Witnessessomething in a previous interview, and they simply say “I never said that” on the witness stand? Well this phrase becomes extinct when you have legal videos to support each and every claim. In fact, the victim or defendant will avoid making false statements themselves when they know there is a legal video to back everything up.

Make Your Case

By creating legal videos, you are actually capturing the deponent’s thoughts, ideas and actions in a resourceful way. Cases may take up to several years to go to trial; therefore, it is essential that you preserve the deponent’s memory using a video. On the other hand, legal videos can also be used for settlements. Displaying a video clip to your opposing counsel, of an expert witness, that you plan to show in court, may help you leverage a settlement.

Low Costs

By recording the video of an expert witness, you can save a lot of money, in terms of travel costs and court proceedings. The same goes for video records of witnesses who may be in another state. Generally, legal video services in Orange County are affordable. This means you have access to a cost-effective and highly useful tool.

Enhance the Official Records

While legal videos don’t really replace the reporter’s transcribed testimony, they help enhance it. You can even have the video and text transcripts synchronized which puts you ahead of the game. Meanwhile, participants can also pick up on non-verbal cues and the tone, which they wouldn’t really perceive by reading the script.

Demonstrative Evidence

Legal videos can be used to create compelling evidence, for example, “A day in the life of” video. Remember, jurors retain 20% of what they hear and 80% of what they see. Videos can work as influential tools to evoke empathy and emotions within the jury.

These are just some of the benefits you secure when you choose to work with a legal video service in Orange County. Whether you are looking for legal videos, sales videos or educational videos, feel free to give us a call to learn more about how we can help.