Hello…Is There A Legal Video Marketing Team In The House?

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Hello…Is There A Legal Video Marketing Team In The House

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns that rely on product and service specifications, legal marketing is so much more. It isn’t about highlighting the benefits or hardcore promotion.In a rather subtle manner, it’s about building trust, engaging with potential clients and more importantly, making that connection that sticks!

Some lawyers are great at that; others need that extra push, encouragement and the resources, and what a better, and more compelling way to make that connection than video marketing? According to Forrester Research, videos were 50 times more likely to get viewed than text pages.

And hence, while you as a lawyer lack the capabilities to manage a full service video development team with professional video production services, we come in to fill the gap. Folks, not only is there “any”legal video marketer in the house, but rather, the absolute best! Are you ready to get started? Let’s begin by giving you a brief overview of what legal video marketing is all about.

What Mistakes Have You Been Making?

Many law firms that come forward with the need for video marketing are not new to video content creation. They’ve created some videos before, but for whatever reason, they failed to create the impact. Somehow, it was missing essential elements that are key to a successful video.

See, not every industry is the same. Each has a separate target audience, with different needs, and a separate psycho graphic. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made:

  • The video is well…boring; lacks compelling connection
  • The company brand isn’t positioned well enough
  • There’s no real script or production plan
  • The video simply failed to connect with the target audience
  • The production value is low

So What Do You Do To Succeed At Video Marketing?

Have A Solid Concept & Script

Every video needs to have a purpose. When you launch without a vision, you’re flying blind, your video has no focus and the result fails to create the desired impact. We’ve seen many lawyers who can sit in front of the camera and own it, only because they had an excellent and solid script that we collaborated on.

Don’t Speak Like A Lawyer

In Tort Law, Res Ipsa Loquitur means that some types of accidents are conclusive enough to imply negligence – these are terms that your potential clients aren’t familiar with. While you aim to come across as a credible and reliable lawyer, you inadvertently create a language barrier. If your audience isn’t other lawyers, you may fail to truly communicate with your audience, which defeats the purpose of the video. People want to hire a lawyer who will explain their scenario and speak with them in simple and comprehensible language without the legal semantics.

Show That You CARE

A good trial lawyer understands that success lies in their abilities to speak with the jury;and not to them. It’s a similar case with your potential clients.They need to trust you. And the only way that you can build that confidence is by conveying genuine care in the video.

Promote Lawyers; Not Law Firms

Differentiating one legal firm from another can be quite the challenge, especially in the age where people are thinking “Hire that lawyer” and not “I want to hire that law firm.”

Every brand needs a face to make that emotional impact, and if you’re banking on promoting your firm’s successes alone and not the individual faces of your attorneys, then you’re missing out on a crucial marketing element: emotion. People tend to sell better than Company.

Take your legal video marketing to the next level with 336 Productions. We offer exceptional and professional legal video services in Orange County.In addition to that, we also offer event videos, commercials, explainer video, and much more.

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