Are your marketing videos ineffective? You could be making these mistakes…

By December 3, 2015No Comments

Creating powerful video content for your business is the perfect way to reach out to target audiences and keep them engaged. As one of the leading video agencies that produce sales and B2B videos in Orange County, we can tell you that videos are effective marketing tools as long as they are done right. However, often, we see small to medium businesses create poor videos that end up doing more harm than good.

To avoid this, firstly, you need to understand that your customers see your videos as a reflection of your brand. So, to help you start off on the right foot, here are the most common but detrimental mistakes you could make in your videos:

The Video Is Off-Brand

Hearing a group of people recall your video is an amazing feeling, The Video Is Off-Brandhowever, what if what they’re saying is not what you want them to be talking about? For example, maybe the goal of your video was to describe your vintage motorcycle company on a high-level, but all the motion-graphics look like they were made for a floral shop’s video. That’s not good reflection of your brand, and it doesn’t help people understand your business better.

How can you fix this? Hire a video company who understands the importance of brand, and uses your logo, color scheme, website and other aspects of your brand identity to create the video.

Making It Too Long

How long was the last marketing video you watched online? 90 seconds? Maybe 30 seconds? According to research studies, it has been concluded that over 20% of people click away from a video in the first 10 seconds if it isn’t engaging enough.

Remember to keep your videos short, precise and engaging. The magic length is 60 to 90 seconds.

Confusing With Different Messages

You are just done watching a video of a large corporation – it jumped from one topic to the next and the editing was choppy. What did you learn from it?

You learned nothing. In fact, it would be highly unlikely that you watched through all of it. Confusing customers by bombarding multiple messages in a single video drives customers away. Always deliver a single message so that you offer a definite takeaway.

Incomplete Call To Action

“Call us!” “Check out our website!” “Stay updated with our Incomplete Call To ActionFacebook page!”

If you used one of these call-to-actions in your videos, you just left your viewers stranded in the middle of nowhere. In other words, you just lost valuable leads.

Remember to tell your customers what you expect them to do: “Call us at 1-800-fill-in-the-blank” or “Visit our website at”

Choosing the Wrong Video Production Service

Your viewers are highly subjective. They will be critical of the quality of your video and relate it to your business. Of course, anyone can use a smartphone to make a video, but is that how you want your viewers to see your business?

If you hire a video agency, does it know your industry and does it understand the market? To get the best results, make sure that you hire reliable services for sales videos in Orange County. At 336 Productions, we have years of experience helping clients create stellar marketing videos. Give us a call and explore the amazing ideas we have in store for your next video!