Improve Your Trade Show Videos

By December 3, 2015No Comments

The 336 Productions team attended a trade show recently, where there were over 400 different companies competing for the same customers. It was quite a scene. Each booth was desperately trying to stand-out. We were happy to see that many of the companies were using videos to market their products. It was really inspiring to see companies using video to convey their messages.

The bad news? Most of the videos were simply awful. We wereImprove Your Trade Show Videos stunned that some companies were even displaying such poor quality. While some had no strategy at all, others had poor production value, giving the wrong impression to their audience.

Many companies tend to believe that playing the video at their trade show booth is all it takes, but rather, the primary purpose of a sales video is to sell a product, show off your differentiators, explain how your products work, or to highlight convincing testimonials in a creative, engaging, educational, and compelling way!

Creating a successful trade show video can be tricky. This is because it has merely seconds to grab attention of the passersby. It has to therefore be able to break through the noise of the environment, and be captivating enough to grab attention for more than a couple of seconds so that the message is understood.

So, if you are looking forward to producing a sales or trade show video in Orange County, how do you make sure it’s attention getting?

Make Use of Titles

Substitute or compliment the voice over with clear titles that explain what’s going on. People passing by will be tuning in at different times so make sure the titles are there most of the time. The production company will create a text treatment that’s on-brand too, so it gels with your booth.

It Should Be Upbeat

By now, you probably know that you have just 3 seconds to grab your customer’s attention. So use upbeat music, compelling visuals and creative titles. You don’t want to hold on a shot or image for too long, viewers may lose interest.

This brings us to our next point; avoid making the videos yourself, unless you can make it look like a professional video company produced it. If you are looking for a service that ensures high quality videos, give us a call at 336 Productions for high quality trade show videos in Orange County.

Keep It Short

You are kidding yourself if you think someone is going to spend 5Keep It Short minutes simply watching your video, while standing at the booth? Keep the video limited to 4 minutes or less, and make the area around the screen inviting.

Moreover, don’t stand in front of the screen and don’t put it behind your desk. Trade show videos are special promotional tools that must adapt to the specific environment. If you have a trade show video already that’s too long, re-edit it so that it is shorter, supplement the voiceover with titles, and throw in upbeat music to top it off. This way, you will get the message out while informing people about how your offerings can solve their problems.

If you are looking for high quality and effective sales or trade show videos in Orange County, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help.