Should You Shoot Your Corporate Video in 4K or 1080p?

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With 4K and 1080p revolutionizing the video quality of marketing and commercials, ultra high definition has never been more accessible.

But one thing that brands still struggle with is deciding whether to shoot in 4K or stick to 1080p. That’s a good question. The answer is even better.

While 4K is considered ultra high definition and more  video companies are changing the format they shoot in, it’s important to take into considerations the pros and cons first. Before you hit the “record” button, know that there are some limitations to 4K.

Here’s what you need to consider:


It’s common sense (and pretty obvious) that shooting footage in 4 times the number of pixels is going to require a lot more data and time. Whether you’re recording data on an SD card or an SSD hard drive, don’t forget to check up on the data read speeds within the figures listed on the manufacturer’s manual. You need to first find out if your media can keep up. Otherwise, you’ll end up with results that can jeopardize your video content, and you’ll only realize it after you’re done shooting (Yikes!)

Recording in ProRes, DNxHD, or raw formats take up a lot of space.  Additionally, playback will require more from your computer’s processor. Therefore, before you go into 4K mode, make sure your computer is built to withstand ultra high definition editing.

You will need lots of RAM, a powerful graphics card, and of course, more storage space (in the terabytes).


This one depends on the type of equipment you’re using. The camera you choose will make all the difference. The brand of the camera is also important. Many camera manufacturers have managed to develop cameras that can help you shoot at numerous frame rates, but there’s still many cameras out there that don’t record 4K, then there are cameras that shoot in 4K but with a contingency: one of Sony’s cameras can only record in 30fps in 4K.

In a Nutshell…

4K is the future, and while 1080p will be around for some time, it’s important that when selecting a professional video company to work with, they shoot in 4K. 1080p is still the standard for various formats and screens. From YouTube to commercials, 1080p is used by almost everyone. But 4K is the next best thing.

Imagine being able to zoom in without a single pixel interfering with the visuals and images. 4K is revolutionizing the way marketing is done.

Whether it’s 4K or 1080p, a pro can help you develop concepts and bring them to life in a magical way.

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