Creating Course Videos for an Educational Video Program

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We have filmed hundreds of course videos in our years for programs in a variety of fields. For RxPrep, a company who creates a print and video program for students preparing for the NAPLEX(R) exam and/or the CPJE, every year we film over 70 lectures. For NESTA, a company who certifies personal trainers, we have filmed hundreds of lectures and exercise programs.
There’s a definite approach to creating these types of videos, and we have honed in on the best way to produce them.

Keep the Student Interested

Most times, clients needing these services already have the scripts written because the scripts are either the copy from the text book or lectures that the speakers are very familiar with. But beyond the material, how do you keep the students interested, especially during longer video courses? We believe having a charismatic speaker, using props, having an interesting background or location to film at, and harnessing technology are four ways to do this. Amongst the many Los Angeles video production companies, a competent one will always collaborate with you to come up with unique ways to keep the viewer engaged. So make sure you choose your team wisely!


An organized shot list and schedule is key in shooting an educational video series! These shoots can last days, so it’s critical you don’t fall behind schedule or get lost in the content. One way to avoid this is to create a realistic schedule using the script or outline. Plan on lectures lasting longer than anticipated, that way you’ll stay on schedule. Also, keep a good camera report. Have someone on set note any flubs, good takes, or sound problems.


We usually have hundreds of terabytes of HD footage to log, capture, organize and edit. A video production company who has worked on these types of programs knows there’s a system and workflow best suited for these projects. You want post-production to go smoothly and turnaround to be as quick as possible, that’s way you spend time in pre-production making sure you planned production properly.
If you are looking for local Orange County professional video services for an educational program, consider the services of 336 Productions! We’ve produced many of these types of projects in the past, and know how to make course videos that stand-out, engage the viewer, and are of the highest quality.
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