Introduction to the Tools Used By a Videographer

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The variety of video production companies in Los Angeles has added a great deal to the level of competition in the market. This can sometimes result in difficult decisions for people looking to hire third party companies for their own videos.

However, one should keep in mind that a top tier video company stands out on the basis of the equipment they use and most importantly, how they use it. In order to understand this, here is a small introduction to the common tools used by a corporate video company.


The camera is basically the most pivotal tool used in the production. Today, corporate videos are shot on digital, HD cameras. Camera companies release newer, better cameras almost quarterly so we are constantly using different cameras. The type of camera we use depends on the budget of the project and the look we’re trying to achieve. The camera body is just one part of the camera rig: the camera also requires the right lens for the shot, a matte box, and an on-board monitor.


Corporate videos typically need lights that are lightweight, easy to control, and mobile. This is because corporate video shoots tend to be fast moving, in places that have a lot of foot traffic. We use a variety of brands to complete our lighting kit.

Tripods and Sliders

To capture the most creative shots, you need to be able to have tools like tripods and sliders available. Tripods or sticks allow the camera to capture static shots, as well as panning and tilting shots. Sliders allow for dolly and trucking shots.


To capture the best sound, the mixer will determine what microphone he wants to use. Many times, the mixer will use both a lavalier microphone and a boom microphone. A lav is worn on the body of the actors, while the boom mic sits at the end of a boom pole that being held near the actor.

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