Employee Training Videos: 4 Reasons Why It’s Your Best Medium

By August 12, 2015No Comments

Whether you have employees who have been a part of your organization for years, or “newbies” who are still learning best practices, standardized training is essential. It’s a way to motivate your employees, and prep your business for long term success.

There are many different way to learn, and one size doesn’t fit all, but video makes the greatest impact when it comes to training your employees.

Unfortunately, many corporate training videos fail to accomplish the goal. The reason? They’re either too long, too tedious, mind-numbing, or lack the professional execution that is oh-so-essential to engage the employees. You’re considering spending good dollars in producing your training video; might as well get it right. Here are 5 ways for you to make the most of your training videos:

1.  Moving images are more engaging than copy or illustrations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s video worth? It’s safe to say more. Research shows we remember video better than words. Graphics and illustrations are a step above written text, but video takes it to a whole other level. If you want your employees to remember what they’re being taught, and you want them to pay attention, use video!

2.  Video standardizes training.

If you use live, in-person training, consider replacing it with video. First, it saves travel costs if you’re having to fly trainers to various locations. Second, it allows the viewer to re-watch the lecture or topic if they need to review or they missed something. Third, it standardizes training; if you have several trainers, or even one, they will deliver the message slightly differently each time and there will be inconsistancies, it’s human nature.

3.  Video is more fun, plain and simple.

If you pick the right production company to produce your training video, they will come up with a clever way to film the material. They may come up with a way to do the training via a story, or with a unique concept, but it’s the video companies job to produce training videos your employees will WANT to sit though. A good production company can make training videos that are actually fun to watch!

4.  It’s the most cost-effective way to train.

You might think it’s too expensive to hire a professional video agency to produce your training video, or you might have already received quotes and you think the cost is too high, but a training video that you can use for years to come will save you money in the long run. Let the video company you’re considering know your budget and see if they can work with it. In the end, hiring a professional team to create your training video will make for a better video with a longer shelf life that your employees will appreciate.

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