Force of Fascination – Capturing Your Audience In Video Production

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Force of Fascination – Capturing Your Audience In Video Production

Through the intricate web and perpetuity of online transaction, it is near impossible to overcome online obscurity. Getting noticed is more than simply “gaining attention.” It’s not about out of the box thinking anymore; it’s going beyond that. Where the bounds of content marketing limit, video marketing begins. With this platform comes forth a chance to break the box wide open!

Emotions Trumps Intellect – For Real!

Can video marketing really engage, and create that compelling bond? Experts sure think so. Consider this: Are you more likely to remember something you’ve read for 20 minutes today, or what you’ve watched for 10 seconds a week ago? It has been proven that we remember video we watch better than text we read.

Emotions – that chemical balance/imbalance that elicitsa feeling deep inside, sometimes inexplicable, mostly evident and controlling our lives and sometimes our purchase decisions, as well. Harvard Business School professor, Gerald Zaltman, says that 95 percent of purchase decisionstake place in the subconscious mind.That is emotions with additional stimulus. And so, that brings us to the force of fascination – that potent and epic emotion that is meant to engage the mind and enthrall the person, making that connection that is translatable into sales.

Banking on the Power of Fascination – How We Can Do That In Video Production

Getting your target audience to tune in to watch the video is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them entertained and transforming that into tangible results. After all, that’s the reason for producing a video in the first place. Whatever the goal – whether it’s to sell a product or educate your employees -you can use fascination tools to reel them in.

1.  Use Fascination Triggers

In each scenario, the options for fascination triggers may alter. But that doesn’t mean you have to alter them altogether. Maybe use intrigue and mystery for an educational video. For a product description video, it is important to tap into the senses and trigger interest and passion. Through the course of the video, the idea is to build trust by taking your audience in a slow roller-coaster ride of varying, yet consistent, emotions that are per-mediated, with a specific goal.

2.  Set The Stage Right From The Start – Make Sure To Match The Emotional Point With The Video Objective

In order to capture the attention of your audience, get to the point as quickly as possible – and throughout the time,keep the factor of fascination consistent. Taking too long to set the stage will lead to audience abandonment. This is especially true for longer videos. Recent research proves that the longer a video, the higher the rate of viewer drop-off at the beginning of the video. Hence, the longer the video, the more engaging it needs to be!

3.  Make Sure Your Solution Mirrors the Highlighted Problem

And once again, you’re tapping into those emotions. By highlighting a subject of fascination at the beginning, you have successfully elicited an emotional response. You’ve created a need, an unfulfilled requirement and a problem – and your product, service and offering is the ultimate solution. Mirror away!

4.  From “I” to “We” to “YOU”

When you’re setting up the master plan for this video, the focus of managers is mostly “I.” What can I do to make this a success? And so, in most corporate videos, they sell using primarily the “We” strategy. “We offer you this amazing offer.”“We take pride in so-and-so.”There are times that we get so carried away in selling ourselves that we rarely focus on the product itself. And so develops that “You” strategy. Let your video translate that it’s them you care about. “You can now comfortably enjoy life with our convenient product.”

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