Steps On Getting Started On Your Case Study Video

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Steps On Getting Started On Your Case Study Video

It’s a jaded world, and your customers – whether they’re businesses or individual customers – are looking for some authenticity, originality and honesty when choosing products and services. Video case studies have a way of adding that dependability and integrity to your marketing plan and sales strategy in a world where customers have grown weary the old, same-sounding written testimonials. Put faces and personalities to those written testimonials and case studies with video.

Video makes it simpler and easier to communicate your product’s features and benefits. It also helps convince the viewer to purchase your product or service when it’s coming straight from the very people who have used or are using it.

If this is your first experience in working with a professional video agency to create a video, here are some steps you should consider when getting started on a case study video:

1.  Know What You’re Selling – List Benefits, Not Just Features

Before you begin the first draft of the script, you should take some time out to understand the needs and pain points of your customers to really get an idea of how your business offering is helping them. This will, in turn,ensure that you develop an informative and persuasive script.

Make a list of your product’s or service’s benefits against each customer’s pain-points. This might seem trivial for some, but you’d be surprised to see this play out through the production phase.

2.  Pick The Right Client Or Customer For The Case Study Video

Undoubtedly, your clients have a busy schedule, and it may make sense to jump at the opportunity when the first client agrees to a case study video. However, do not haste with the decision. You need to carefully develop your strategy. You see, the kind of business or individual client you choose for the case study video will determine its level of engagement and the ultimate success of it.

Research your client list, and create a list of potential candidates that you will scrutinize to see how they’re using your product, and what benefits are they acquiring from it. And remember, the bigger and more renowned the client, the better it is for you.

3.  What’s In It For Them?

Finally it’s time for some action. Before you reach out to them requesting an interview for a case study video, you may want to analyze the million dollar question, “What’s in it for them?” They may be on good terms with you. They may even really appreciate your offering, but is it enough to warrant enough time on their end for a full fledged video production crew to show up and film them?

A video case study can be a great opportunity for both businesses –yours and that of your clients – to get the exposure, and better brand recognition. Make sure you speak to them about these benefits so that you acquire their full support.

4.  Build A Rapport With Your Client – Get To Know Their Business

To make sure you highlight the best aspects of the product in the case study, speak with the clients or customers to gain a deeper insight on how the product or service has benefited them and added value to their lives. Ultimately, that’s all your potential customers care about – “what are the products benefits, and what can it do for me?”

We usually like to have at least one phone call or in-person meeting with the client or customer to be filmed. This not only helps us better understand the product or service, but it helps us to build a rapport with them as well.

5.  Collaborate With Interviewees

On the shoot day, the interviewees should have already been briefed on what subject areas will be covered; they should have already seen the interview questions. We make sure this happens in pre-production. The idea isn’t to put words in their mouth or stage the complete video; rather, it is to get the best out of this case study video by ensuring that the interviewee is prepared and will hit the important beats.

6.  Really Get Into The Business!

The video can in no way be monotonous! Interview after interview can become boring. The location should change as much as possible, and there should be relevant b-roll to cut away to. It makes the case study video more appealing and engaging! And remember, promote the product without really overselling it – facilitate your clients to do the talking for your brand!

Case study videos, if produced right, can be powerful enough to take your brand to the next level! If you are looking to make any kind of corporate video for your business, 336 Productions should be your first choice. With a deeper understanding and skills, we use our extensive experience, commitment and creativity to excel in making case study videos in Orange County. In addition to that, we also offer event videos, commercials, promotional video, explainer video, and much more. Call us today, at (888) 440-5830.