Project Spotlight: Medelita Motion-Graphics How-to Video for Customer Returns

By March 11, 2016No Comments

While we make sure that the same level of dedication and attention goes into each project, every once, in a while we come across clients who are practically driving a revolution in their industry and their enthusiasm gives us extra motivation to produce something impressive.

One such client has been Medelita. We have worked with the company on two previous projects; A company overview video and a video for their proprietary M3 technology. Medelita was quite impressed by our work and chose to work with us on yet another project, a fun to watch and educational ‘How-to’ video so their customers understood how returns worked.

Medelita- A Brief Overview

Medelita designs some of the most sophisticated lab coats and performance scrubs for modern medical experts. They are truly extraordinary! Their products are distinguished by the primary emphasis on comfort, style, and exceptional performance. All the products are tailored to ensure a perfect fit and only the highest quality of fabric is used to withstand everyday use.

What They Needed

Medelita wanted us to design a quick, 60-second explainer video that described their return policy and guided customers on how exactly to make a return. The challenge was to explain the policy in a fun and quick way. Medelita described their policy to us, and we discussed the concept and the look and feel.

What We Did

We collaborated with the Project Manager at Medelita on the script and once it was locked we got right to work creating custom graphics. Once the graphic designing phase was completed, we animated the graphics, along casting and recording professional voice-over, sound and music editing and mixing, and finally, delivering the video in several different digital files.

The Result

We ended up with an explainer video that was instantly loved by The ResultMedelita, and more importantly, their customers. The video starts off with a brief introduction about what it is all about and how clients who are looking for items to return based on sizes, embroidery or refunds can do it easily. You know what? Why not check out the video yourself and let us know what you think about it?

Don’t forget to check out how Medelita is using the video on its own website. Do you have a video project that you would like us to work on? Get in touch with us and learn more about the ideas we have in store for you!