Greetings, folks, and welcome to our new site!

In the corporate world, change can be that uncertain factor that threatens to either deform or transform an organization. It’s unfortunate though, how change has been pegged the big bad wolf, gaining quite a notorious reputation.

We often run into clients who have never done video, and are afraid to simply because “we’ve never done it before.” At 336 Productions we embrace change and love working with client who do too. That’s one of the reasons we re-did our site, and we’re so happy we did, because the new look is refreshing and feels more contemporary.

The new look is symbolic – proof of our willingness to grow and evolve, adapting to the dynamic markets; and ultimately bringing new ideas and innovative strategies for our corporate clients. At 336 Productions, we are actively involved in every stage of the video production process.

We also updated our reel. Our new reel (above) reflects the best of our work, from 2008 to present. We desperately needed to update our reel, but we’ve been so busy (thankfully) that it took over a year to get it done.

Working with some of the leading corporations from various industries, we produce case study videos, commercials, corporate culture videos, brand videos, educational videos, explainer videos, infomercials, legal videos, promotional videos, reels, sales videos, trade show videos, viral videos and B2B videosin Orange County.

Since our creation in 2008, we’ve seen so much change in our industry: corporate video production. The change has, for the most part, been good.One of the biggest changes has been the distribution of corporate video online. Now, most businesses know they need video on the Internet.

People turn to promotional videos and infomercials before making a purchase. Is your brand standing out in the crowd? Is your video doing the talking?With platforms like YouTube, you have substantial opportunities to gain sales. Are you leveraging off of them?

Corporate videos are no longer defined by cheesy sales pitches and silly visuals. They are defined by Hollywood worthy visuals…strong storytelling…creative concepts. With exceptional insight and experience, our team at 336 Productionsbrings forth fresh ideas and new ways to ensure that your brand identity is established, your values communicated, and your offerings promoted. Results are tangible, and evident in our work. Take a look at our reel where we highlight some of our best work.

From conceptualization to completion, we are artists and business people who have a never-ending passion for video and innovative solutions, producing content for TV, web or DVD. Call us today, at (888) 440-5830.