Transform Your Internal Communication With Video

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We usually perceive videos as a great marketing tool. They can be the perfect weapon in your marketing arsenal. From generating new sales leads to retaining loyal customers; videos are a great way of improving your overall business dealings.

But while videos make for great external business communications and for projecting your brand image to the world, they can be great for internal communication too. Many businesses don’t realize the power of using videos to connect with their own employees. Using videos correctly can bring everyone together as a team.

Let’s delve in depth of how video is useful for internal communications.

Why Should You Use Video Internally?

It’s already been established that videos are a far superior form of communication than many other options. Well-produced video content with a clear and concise message is more likely to captivate people’s attention than a long, cumbersome email. Here are a few reasons why videos are more effective.

They Can Be Easily Distributed

Thanks to modern technology, everyone can watch videos practically anywhere, anytime. This can help companies circulate important information at a moment’s notice. Videos can be handily used to train staff for specific purposes and they can be delivered to the entire office at once, helping put everyone on the same page.

They Can Be Used For Tradeshows And Event Invites

Another great use of video for internal communications is using it to inform employees of upcoming events. A video can show what the event is about and how the employees can benefit from attending it.

It Can Be Used For Company Updates

Videos are a great way of keeping employees informed of all the happenings at the office, or of any new upcoming product releases. A creatively created video will be sure to keep employees engaged.

Types Of Videos To Use

How-To Videos

Want your employees to really learn the ins and outs of performing a certain task? How-to videos are the best way to do that. Kind of like instruction manuals, but way more palatable; how-to videos will offer a step-by-step guide on how to do something.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the simplest yet effective forms of videos that can make complex things easy to understand. An explainer video will basically engage the audience in a compelling way while also providing them with the necessary information.

Internal Webinars

Webinars are known for being interactive and engaging so this naturally makes them a great form of video for improving internal communication. The participants involved can ask questions and get relevant feedback for their queries. This makes internal webinars especially productive.

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